5 tips to help you stay motivated

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‘Every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things’

Joseph Pilates

This is a great time to get back on track with our own self-care and exercise routines. But let’s be realistic, there are days and even weeks when we just aren’t feeling it! Feeling tired, overwhelmed, lacking focus or motivation or just feeling stuck in a rut. It happens to us all. Here are 5 tips to help you stay motivated and consistent when it comes to exercise.

1. Set some goals

What is your goal when it comes to your self care, well being and fitness journey? Is it about your health, building strength, toning up, head space, stress relief or general well-being? Setting some realistic and achievable goals will give you more motivation, confidence and freedom, and recognizing what your exercise routine brings you, and how it makes you feel. While we might make all the excuses to avoid exercising, no one ever regrets a workout. And having a clear plan will help you along your path to success, giving you more satisfaction and enjoyment when you hit those goals and notice how good you feel.

2. Have a plan

Where do I start? There is so much choice out there, it can be quite intimidating, you spend more time scrolling and looking for a workout than doing it. Get familiar with your instructor and their approach. Find someone who resonates with you, your stage in life and your goals. And make sure you are having some fun. Notice how you feel after a workout, are you feeling energised and happy or depleted? Some days you might feel like something higher energy and the next a slower, relaxing flow. Have a plan but be flexible and have some fun. Listen to your body and choose accordingly. Remember as we get older, they type of workout we need to be doing changes, so if you’re still doing the same workout you did when you were 25, its time to review!

3. Movement as an essential

See your movement as an essential part of your day like brushing your teeth or having a shower, rather than an additional ‘chore’ that you have to add to an already full day. Being able to move is a gift and an opportunity to improve your life. Make it non negotiable, embrace it and you will begin to enjoy it more and more. Any movement is good, if you’re short on time, find something you can fit into that time, carve out some space for you and remember, consistency is key.

4. Simplicity is key

You don’t need a load of complicated gear and expensive equipment to get a good, effective workout in. All you need is a mat, a device and a willingness to move. Pilates is a wonderful combination of core strength and flexibility. We use our bodyweight to build strength and tone. At PilatesNow.ie our workouts are mat based, and any equipment that’s used can be found easily in your own home, but every workout can also be done without equipment.

So keep it simple, grab you mat, select a workout, and move, your body will thank you.

5. Have fun!

No one enjoys doing something they do not want to do. Actually, we are more likely to lose interest and motivation altogether. Try switching things up a little. While routine is good, sometimes it’s good to try something different. We all have slow days and it’s ok to embrace them, although maybe not everyday…. If you’re just starting out, it can be a little challenging, start with baby steps and before you know it you’ll be flying, and if you’ve gone off track, get back on the movement wagon by following some of our tips and you’ll soon remember how good it made you feel.

About PilatesNow.ie

Our classes are progressive and challenging and will perfectly complement your current fitness routine. Progressive courses are available from absolute beginner and rehab patient to elite athletes and experienced movers. Designed and led by an experienced Physical Therapist, you can be assured you are in safe hands. We have a mixture of longer courses and shorter classes for people on the go. Our workout calendar is proving very popular, if you’re undecided on a workout we suggest one for you, or you can choose from over 100 workouts available in our library. There really is something for everybody.

So go ahead and join us, doing so just may change your life for the better.

See you on the mat!

Goretti x