Are you in a flux state? I am…..

The year is flying! One week seems to blend into the next for me at the moment. Do you feel the same? So this month my promise to myself is to carve out some time to just stop, breathe and smell the daffodils!

I’ve been doing a lot of chatting lately with friends and colleagues and the pattern seems to be the same for everyone. We are all hanging on, some weeks more successfully, others less so. Do you experience those days when everything around you is just spiralling, your energy is directed towards work, relationships, kids and you feel less in control of your world? I’ve noticed that this is the time I most need to stop, breathe, and create space for mindful movement. But I can’t say I always do that, too busy, too stressed, no time, all the excuses. So how can we prioritise ourselves and our own well-being when everything is in a flux state around us?

One friend mentioned ‘finding a minute’, just as a start point, to breathe, meditate, step outside and turn your face to the sun, stand in the grass with your shoes off, hide in the hotpress and decompress, whatever works for you. And once you have found that space, give yourself a clap on the back, celebrate your achievement, and next time give yourself the space for movement for another minute or two or five or ten, and celebrate that achievement too, build up slowly, create a habit, some consistency and a natural inclination so show yourself some compassion.

For those of you who love to move, or those who wish to move more, but can’t find the time, I’ve created a selection of shorter workouts in my ‘Pilates on the Go’ section. The focus here is achievable, effective workouts, that leave you feeling stronger in body and mind, more energised and ready for what crops unexpectedly along the way. Having a daily routine can help you feel calmer and more in control. Have a think about what YOU can do each day to help you feel more motivated, connected and alive!


In July 2019, I decided to stop dying my hair and embrace my natural colour grey. It’s been so liberating, my amazing hairdresser was so encouraging and as the blonde grew out, my silver tresses were revealed. I love it, my hair has never been in better condition, my kids call me granny, but I get compliments most days which is nice for a mid-lifer. People tell me I’m lucky as I’ve a nice colour grey, I’m not sure about that, I think it’s all about how much you care or not or how you are feeling in yourself, your own self-confidence. So if you’re thinking about it, go for it, and if you hate it, just dye it!

Speaking of fluxstate, I’m 100% in flux, perimenopausal city. This is another subject my long suffering friends have had to listen to, as I am ALWAYS talking about it and I am truly excited for this ‘Second Spring’.

I usually start with my postnatal ladies, for whom menopause seems a lifetime away, but with women having babies so much later in life, the overlap between postnatal and perimenopausal is much greater. Some women will start to experience symptoms earlier than expected, and long before their periods stop, and some don’t expect any symptoms until their 50s. For many, menopause has such a negative vibe, they really don’t want to think about it and push it away. But the perimenopausal period with its myriad of symptoms can go on for 10 years before you reach menopause. The amazing Menopause Hub has a great symptom checker on their page here. So if you’ve noticed some changes, you’re not going crazy, your hormones are all afflux. But it really doesn’t have to be so scary, forewarned is forearmed, and attitude will get you a long way, not all the way and sometimes we may need more than breath, greens and more sleep, but focusing on what we can control, tweaking our lifestyles will go a long way.

Being receptive to and curious about the changes happening in our bodies and our heads, and being open to the new possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead and talking openly to our friends, our partners (so important), our children (as appropriate) and in our workplaces can only help lead to a better situation than our own poor mothers had to live through in silence, we are very lucky! As humans we are constantly evolving and midlife can be a wonderful time of optimism, energy and creativity, be brave, be fearless, be free! Watch out for my new Peri to Meno programme that will be coming soon, I think you’ll like it!

Goretti x


We believe in supporting women through movement and knowledge. We want to help you build strength from inside out, feel confident and energized every single day. We are here to support and encourage you, and help you get back on top! We get it, life is busy and it can be a challenge to find time for ourselves. Our programmes are designed with you in mind, we aim to keep it real, and make daily movement accessible and enjoyable. Designed and led by an experienced Physical Therapist and Pilates Instructor who has worked with 1000’s of women, you can be assured you are in safe hands. We have a mixture of longer courses and shorter bite-sized classes for people on the go, it’s Pilates in your Pocket. Our workout calendar is great motivational tool, if you’re undecided on a workout we suggest one for you, or you can choose from over 100 workouts available in our library. There really is something for everybody.

So go ahead and join us, doing so just may change your life for the better.

See you on the mat!

Goretti x