moma restore


  • Have you had a baby recently and are now feeling ready to ease yourself back into exercise?

  • Want to introduce more focused movement into your day? 

  • Want to progress your recovery, rebuild from inside out and feel stronger?

  • Are you unsure where to start?

  • Have you never exercised much before?

  • Then MOMA RESTORE is the programme for you.

MOMA RESTORE is a supportive and progressive movement programme for new mommies which will help you reconnect with your body, your breath, your pelvic floor, your core, help you build functional strength and mobility safely and progressively, build confidence both physically and mentally, help you reacquaint yourself with your body, and of course give you some me time to de-stress and take care of YOU.

I’ve been so lucky to work with hundreds of pregnant and postnatal women for the past 10 years, and it really is a privilege to play a small part in this special journey. I’ve worked hard to create a supportive space for new moms, as I know how difficult and daunting this stage can be. As a physical therapist, I meet many new moms, who are struggling or in pain, and who always put everyone else before themselves. As a mom of two myself, I understand first-hand how amazing and challenging it is to have a new baby, while recovering from pregnancy and labour, which can really take its toll on you both physically and mentally.

There is an expectation that everything should be perfect, but the reality is, it’s not, and that is ok! We are striving for PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. It is a wonderful privilege,  fun, exciting, rewarding and so so special to be a new mom, and there are times when it is a struggle, and I just want to let you know you are not alone, I am here to help, I’ve got you Momma! I have created this beautiful postnatal programme for all moms to help you reconnect, recover, restore and just breathe.

The MOMA RESTORE programme consists of 7 classes, of varying length from 20 minutes to 45 minutes. Our introductory class is the essential education piece and covers the breath, core and pelvic floor connection, why it is so important in your postnatal recovery and for life and how to do your pelvic floor exercises correctly. We also discuss Diastasis Rectii, what it is, how to assess and what to do if it is an issue for you. We will give tips and advice on nutrition, sleep and the all-important self-care for new moms, helping you restore and recover both physically and mentally. In Classes 1 – 6 we will progress safely through Pilates-based exercises that will help you recover from pregnancy and birth while introducing functional motherhood movements that will build strength, stability, control and body awareness, helping you stay fit for life!

We all acknowledge how busy life is with a new baby, but also know that regular movement is so important to help you feel better on so many levels, so once you join you will have access to ALL classes for a period of 10 weeks to allow you the time, but also to give a gentle nudge to keep going with this programme.

Also included is our postnatal momalates booklet, which has lots of advice, tips and recipes for new mums.

MOMA RESTORE is suitable from 6 weeks post vaginal birth and 10 weeks post section or once you have had your checkup with GP or ObGyn. Also suitable for any mum who has had a longer road to recovery and is returning to movement after a break.

Pilates Now - Goretti Dwyer

What does the programme entail?

  • During the classes, you will move SAFELY with Goretti who will guide you through postnatal specific, tummy-safe, pilates-based exercises, functional motherhood movements, coordinated movement with breathwork, balance and strengthening from inside out.

  • You will learn how your CORE functions as an integrated system, combining breath, alignment, pelvic floor function, abdominal and back muscles.

  • You will gain an understanding of where your body is at in its recovery and which exercises are appropriate and which are NO-NOs in your road to recovery. Remember everyBODY is different, and we all have a different journey to recovery. By the end of this programme, you will be able to recognise what exercise or version of an exercise works for you you and what doesn’t.

  • You will allow your body the time it needs to recover while introducing diastasis and pelvic floor safe exercises while rebuilding your body from inside out, and making you stronger than ever.

How much does the programme cost?

The MOMA RESTORE programme costs €50. Once you join you will have access to ALL classes for a period of 10 weeks to allow you the time, but also to give a gentle nudge to complete this programme. Also included is our printable momalates booklet, which has lots of advice, tips and recipes for new mums.

Pre-screening Form

Disclaimer: Please note that you must complete the pre-screening form to check you are safe to participate in this course and before you are eligible to purchase the course. Click on the button below to fill out the form. Once you process the payment you will have instant access to the entire course and supporting materials.