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    It was great to be able to continue with my Pilates class on line, was not sure I would enjoy it but I did and will continue during the lockdown. Thanks, Goretti.

    I very much enjoyed the studio classes, but I find the online option so flexible, I can fit my exercise into my own timetable. The playback option is invaluable so thank you Goretti!
    I’d highly recommend Goretti’s online pilates classes. The format is the same as the actual classes and easy to follow. I was worried that old back problems would creep in during lockdown so it’s a huge relief being able to keep up the classes and stay on top of it.
    Really enjoying the online classes and was very unsure in the beginning. Delighted now and even get to repeat the classes a couple of times per week. Instructions and demonstration of moves are very clearly explained by Goretti. A very professional and yet personal approach.


    Feel Better, in Body & Mind

    Whether you are working from home, travelling, or just can’t get out to classes, there’s something here for EVERYBODY, as pilates is for everybody. These original pilates workouts are designed to be challenging, safe, rewarding and fun! Even if you only have 10 minutes a day, doing pilates for those 10 minutes consistently, each day, each week, will lead to results. So if you are short on time you can take comfort in knowing that you can still get an effective Pilates workout and build and maintain strength. And you will feel better in body and mind.


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