The Benefits of Pilates

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    The Benefits of Pilates

    Many people assume that the main benefit of practicing Pilates is increased flexibility, Isn’t pilates the same as yoga? Ehhhhh no! While you will improve your flexibility through Pilates, it is only a small part of all that Pilates can do for you. Pilates is often seen to reduce and relieve back pain while building a strong back and core. The pilates method of movement is specifically designed to target the deeper core muscles, to build strength and flexibility while developing coordination through your entire body and stability in your spine.

    With regular consistent pilates practice you can expect to:

    • Improve posture and spinal alignment

    • Reduce back pain

    • Strengthen your spine

    • Build core strength and flexibility

    • Enhance sports performance

    • Re-train muscle patterns to restore balance

    • Increase body awareness, balance and coordination

    • Increase mobility of joints and restore range of motion

    • Increase muscle strength and maintain bone density

    • Build long, lean, toned muscles

    • Reduce stress and increase energy

    • Restore balance to the body and mind

    • Build confidence and improve self-image

    So if you’re not doing Pilates yet, or you’ve let your practice slide, then maybe it’s time to give it a go or revisit this amazing method of movement.

    Our classes are progressive, challenging and fun. They will perfectly complement your current fitness routine. Progressive courses are available from absolute beginner and rehab patient to elite athletes and experienced movers. Designed and led by an experienced Physical Therapist, you can be assured you are in safe hands. We have a mixture of longer courses and shorter classes for people on the go. Our workout calendar is proving very popular, if you’re undecided on a workout we suggest one for you, or you can choose from over 100 workouts available in our library. There really is something for everybody. Pilates in your Pocket, Anywhere, Anytime!

    So go ahead and join us, doing so may just change your life for the better.

    See you on the mat!

    Goretti x